5 Celebrities Who Needed a Bondsman

No matter your background, at some point in your life you will make a mistake. Whether it was intentional or not, you will have to face the consequences of your actions. Although we hope it is not too serious, in the event that you face bail, you need to be sure that you have the right bondsman on your side. Celebrities are no exception to this. When they run into legal issues, sometimes several times, they have the right person on their side to help them out just as you should. Take a look at the following celebrities that have all faced legal issues at some point and had to call in the right bondsman.

Justin Bieber

Canadian born pop legend Justin Bieber is a phenomenon that nobody can deny. He rose to fame quickly after his successful hit song “Baby” back in 2010. Since then he has been on a roller coaster ride with both the press and the law as his stardom increased. In January of 2014, Bieber was once again a highlight in the media, but for a different reason. He was arrested for driving and drag racing under the influence of alcohol on a six-month expired drivers license in Miami Beach, Florida. His bail was set at only $2,500, which for the celebrity was next to nothing. Regardless, he was released from the charges and avoided jail time because of the bail bond.

Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan stepped into the limelight at an early again with her notable roles in films such as Parent Trap, Herbie Fully Loaded, Freaky Friday, and later on Mean Girls. However, her successful career came to a startling halt when she appeared in the headlines for getting in trouble with the law for instances such as theft, reckless driving, fighting in a nightclub, and DUI’s. In 2010, Lohan really entered a rough patch after she violated probation numerous amounts of time, to the point where she had to hire a bail bondsman to help shift her $300,000 bail to $75,000. With his help, she was also able to avoid jail time and keep herself free until her hearing date.

Nicolas Cage

For a while Nicolas Cage was featured in several major box-office films including the National Treasure movies, Con Air, and City of Angels. As the years went on, we started to see less of the Academy Award winner and instead switched to seeing Cage in the news for some serious charges including domestic violence, disturbing the peace, and public indecency. Cage worsened these charges in 2011 when while publicly intoxicated he physically confronted the paparazzi. As a result, Cage needed to contact “Dog Bounty Hunter,” also known as Duane Chapman, who is an infamous bondsman and close friend of the actor. Chapman was able to help Cage with the situation by posting $11,000 in bail bond to rescue him from jail.

Katt Williams

Stand-up comedian Katt Williams is known for his mature humor as well as his run-ins with the law. Fortunately for him, he has had a reliable bondsman by his side whenever he ran into legal issues. However, over time his bail grew to be more and more expensive to the point where in 2009 he was faced with a burglary charge with bail set at $40,000. Although his bondman did once again post bail, Williams was not able to make the payments to the bail bondsman. Therefore, he was arrested a second time for not being able to pay these fees. As a result of this situation, he had to pay for his indemnity set at $10,000 without the help of the bondsman.

Haley Joel Osment

Haley Joel Osment stunned the world with his performance in The Sixth Sense, however, at 18-years-old he shocked the world once more when he was faced with several misdemeanors including a DUI, possession of marijuana, and reckless driving. At one point Osment was faced with six months of jail time when he was caught driving with a blood alcohol level far beyond the limit. His bail for the incident was set at $15,000 which was met with his bondsman.

Regardless of your status, when you run into a tight situation, you will always need the right bondsman to help you. At Titan Bail Bonds, we are willing to work with you regardless of your background. Contact us today to see how we can help.