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Bail Bonds Basics

A bail bond agent or bail bondsman provides surety that you will show up for your scheduled court date. Surety is established by pledging money, property or other assets as bail for the appearance of the accused in court. Typically when someone needs a loan, they depend on the banks or other financial institutions. Bail bonds are considered too high risk for banks, insurance companies and financial institutions because of their depositors’ and policyholder’s best interests. Bail bondsman specifically cater to criminal defendants, getting release for people within hours.
Bail bondsman have a unique security agreement with court officials. Bondsman post a “blanket” bond that pays the court if a defendant does not show up to court. Federal laws that affect the bail bonding industry include:



The booking process is all about recording details involving the crime and identification of the arrested. Police will begin by taking a set of the arrestee’s fingerprints, as well as their mug shot. They will then record details about the arrestee’s physical characteristics, such as height, weight, and eye color, as well as any other distinguishable idiosyncrasies that could set them apart from a crowd (visible tattoos, a recognizable scar, etc). The police will also conduct a background check to find out if there is any additional criminal misconduct on their record.

Things on the arrestee at the time (such as a wallet and keys) will be confiscated until their date of release. In some instances a person’s clothing may be confiscated if it has the potential to cause a threat to themselves or others. In this case, the arrestee will be given the standard jail attire to wear until the time of their court date. The arrestee is then placed in a holding or jail cell.


In the next phase, one of the first things the arrestee is probably wanting to find out is the amount of their bail. The amount typically correlates with the severity of the crime that has been committed. This is done to incentivise the arrested to make their appointed court date; if they choose to be absent, more is at stake.


Bail Bonds

If bail is set too high, many will seek the help of a bail bondsman. A bail bondsman will post bail for a defendant for a lesser fee than where the bond has been set. A bail bond agent will typically collect approximately 10% of the bond from a client, which will not be reimbursed at the end of the trial. A bail bondsman may also collect collateral (for example, a car or the deed to one’s property) as an extra form of assurance that the defendant will actually be present during their appointed court date.



Bail bonds should be charged at rate of 10% for state, and 15% for federal bonds. Depending on your state, different regulations may be applicable depending on a few different factors.

Many states have their own regulations on the bail bonds industry. For example,  The Tennessee Association of Professional Bail Agents provides continuing education classes and issues compliance certificates to verify attendance of the agents to the clerks of the courts.

Assets can also be used as collateral or leverage or medium to large sized bails. For instance, sometimes a homeowner will take a mortgage against the house for the full penal sum of the bond.


Bounty Hunting

Should the defendant fail to appear in court, the bail bond agent is allowed to physically bring the defendant to the jurisdiction where charges have been filed. This is done in an effort to enforce law and for bondsman to recover the money that they have invested in the defendant’s ability or willingness to show up for court.  Some states allow the use of outside “bounty hunters” while other states require the bail bondsman to apprehend fugitives.  Bond agents can also utilize their right to sue anyone that doesn’t show up to court for the recovery of monetary losses. Certain companies such as AAA extend their auto coverage to encompass local bonds for traffic arrests. If the traffic arrest involves drugs or alcohol, then companies like AAA do not cover the individual.



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