While committing a crime on a holiday about love sounds a bit odd, it’s not too surprising when you consider that Valentine’s Day actually originated from a crime. In A.D. 270, Roman Emperor Claudius II decided to outlaw young men from marrying because he believed single men made better warriors; […]

True Valentine’s Day Crimes That Are So Ridiculous You Won’t ...

Sometimes in life we don’t always make the best choices. Sometimes our decisions could be worse than others, often leading to an arrest warrant. When this instance occurs, it is wise to try to correct the mistake. For many, a good way to do this is by turning yourself in, […]

What You Need to Know About Turning Yourself In to ...

When faced with a criminal charge, you will be told that you have a right to a lawyer or a public defender if you cannot afford a lawyer. Although you are given time to decide which is the better option for you, some are still unsure. Especially if you are […]

Public Defender vs Private Lawyer: Who Works Better for You?

In case you are unsure of what bail is, it is the amount of money set by a judge to secure a person’s appearance in all court proceedings prior to their sentence. If the defendant fails to show in court, they or their cosigner will be required to pay the […]

5 Factors That Determine the Cost of Bail

Stay Out of Legal Trouble on Halloween
Halloween is a night of mischief and madness, of course! While some scares are wanted to properly celebrate the spooky evening, many are the results of an uptick in crime and accidents. In some places, crime has been said to have spiked up to 50% above average on the evening […]

Stay Out of Legal Trouble on Halloween

No matter your background, at some point in your life you will make a mistake. Whether it was intentional or not, you will have to face the consequences of your actions. Although we hope it is not too serious, in the event that you face bail, you need to be […]

5 Celebrities Who Needed a Bondsman

Contrary to what some might assume, bail bonds were never something that was discovered in America. Instead, the system was developed in a time long before there was even thought of crossing the ocean in search of new land. Back in the 13th century, England created bail bonds in order […]

An Overlook of Bail Bonds Throughout History

As children we were taught several lessons in life. One main lesson was to always avoid trouble. However, as much as we would like to abide by those lessons, life sometimes has other plans and we find ourselves in tight situations. For many, being arrested is a scary situation that […]

4 Reasons Why Bail Can Be Denied

Boating Under the Influence: What You Need to Know
You may be off the road but you’re not exempt from the law.    Laws on the road are heavily enforced in order to decrease accidents and fatalities due to drivers who are under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol. But are you aware that you can get a DUI […]

Boating Under the Influence: What You Need to Know

What TV Crime Shows Can Teach You About Bail Bonds
Interested in learning more about bail bonds but don’t want to read all the gobbly goop? Well you’re out of luck because very few shows and movies really deal with the nitty gritty of bail bonding. However, if you want a list of some great tv shows about crime that […]

What TV Crime Shows Can Teach You About Bail