When bailing a loved one or friend out of jail it is important to know beforehand everything you’ll be responsible for. Once a defendant has been arrested they will go before a judge who will set their bond. This bond must be paid before the person can be released from […]

What is an Indemnitor?

Were My Rights Upheld During that Arrest?
During the moment an arrest is taking place, tensions are high. It’s hard not to get caught up in the chaos of it all. Because everything’s happening so fast, you may not be aware of some violations of your rights that may have taken place. So, how do you know […]

Were My Rights Upheld During That Arrest?

How Bounty Hunters and Bail Bondsmen Work Together
People who are unfamiliar with the bail bonds industry may not know the differences between a bondsman and a bounty hunter, and what their respective positions entail. Bail bonds are something you don’t generally research until the moment you or someone you know needs one. Below, we’re going to explain […]

How Bounty Hunters and Bail Bondsmen Work Together

Bail Bonds: The Most Affordable Option
If you find yourself in a sticky legal situation and unexpectedly in jail, don’t panic. Many people who end up in jail contact a bail bondsmen for their release or the release of someone they know. A bail bond is the most affordable way to get out of jail, but […]

Bail Bonds: The Most Affordable Option

What Constitutes a DUI in the State of Tennessee
Like the rest of the United States, in Tennessee, the blood alcohol content (BAC) limit in one’s system while operating a motor vehicle is .08%. This decreases to .04% when the driver is operating a commercial vehicle, and .02% when the driver is under the age of 21. A DUI […]

What Constitutes a DUI in the State of Tennessee

Your Friend's Been Arrested: What Do You Do?
Usually, it happens when you least expect it. You’re out on the town and something prompts an officer to arrest your friend. All of a sudden, your friend is being handcuffed and escorted to the back of a police car. You’re probably feeling helpless and at a loss for what to […]

Your Friend’s Been Arrested: What Do You Do?

If you’ve been bailed out of jail, the next step is to appear in court for the judge to give you a sentence for your crime. Being arrested is bad enough; jumping bail just makes your situation look even worse. If you’re thinking about not appearing for your court date, […]

3 Reasons Jumping Bail is Never the Answer

in the news the department of justice on bail
In recent news, The Obama Administration has given its stance on the American Bail industry. The Department of Justice has been examining how bail unfairly keeps low-income citizens in jail while people of higher economic status can be free until their trial. They have recently expressed that the system is […]

In The News: The Department of Justice on Bail

What You Need To Know About Bail Reform
We’re all about bail bonds, of course! But did you know that there are other places across the United States who are beginning to reconsider the bail process? Below are some things we think you should know about Bail Reform. What is Bail Reform? Bail reform has been going on […]

What You Need To Know About Bail Reform

If you’ve been arrested, you’re probably hoping to get out of jail quickly and privately. Being able to pay your own bail will depend on a few things. If you don’t qualify, you will need to have a cosigner to pay the bail. Here’s how you can know which situation […]

Can I Post My Own Bail?