Hold Up! Things to Think About Before Cosigning A Bail

Imagine you are relaxing at home after a long day at work when your phone rings. It’s your oldest friend and roommate informing you that their significant other has been arrested and booked in jail. After they called a local bail bondsman, they were informed that they would need to get a couple hundred dollars together as well as two cosigners to get the detainee released from custody. Your friend pleads that you act as the second cosigner, and they are growing increasingly frantic for that final signature.

While this is certainly an unfortunate situation to find yourself in, it is very much a possibility. It is best to be prepared for this kind of instance by knowing exactly what comes with playing the role of the cosigner.

Understand the Situation

The moments following the arrest of a good friend or loved one is sure to be a stressful and tumultuous time. While emotions are high and questions remain unanswered, you will naturally feel inclined to do all you can to help your friend out.

However, you need to understand that cosigning a bail bond comes with certain responsibilities that you will be held responsible for if particular conditions aren’t met. By cosigning a bond, you are essentially promising the court that you will take responsibility for the accused. If the person you are cosigning for isn’t reliable and ready to follow legal procedures, you could find yourself with a major headache, and possibly be at risk for financial loss down the road.

What Could Go Wrong?

As a cosigner, you are putting your name on a document that requires payments to be made in a timely manner. If the arrested individual in question fails to make these payments for whatever reason, you are responsible for coming up with the money to rectify the missing payments.

It is also the responsibility of the cosigner to make sure the arrested individual appears at all required court hearings and complies with any other requirements.

However, if at any point in the process the cosigner becomes uncomfortable due to the actions of the arrested individual, they can request to have the bail bond cancelled, which would require the accused to return to jail.

Protect Yourself Before Cosigning a Bail Bond

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