How to React When Your Friend Gets Arrested

Usually, it happens when you least expect it. You’re out on the town and something prompts an officer to arrest your friend. All of a sudden, your friend is being handcuffed and escorted to the back of a police car. You’re probably feeling helpless and at a loss for what to do in the present moment. Below we’re going to break down what you should do if you find yourself in a similar situation.

During The Arrest

Although you may be compelled to interfere, this could potentially do more harm than good. A police officer is trying to do their job and as long as they’re doing it professionally, interference could lead to aggravating an officer and even your own arrest, to make matters worse. You won’t be able to help your friend if you’re behind bars too. One thing you can do is ask where your friend will be taken and then leave the situation be.

What Happens Next

Knowing just what is going to happen to your friend after they’re in the back of a police car may help to ease your mind a little bit. After the arrest, your friend will:

  •       Be taken to a police station
  •       Be informed of their charges
  •       Have their personal belongings confiscated
  •       Be allowed a phone call

You won’t be able to get in contact with your friend at this time,  but there are other things you can do as the arrest is taking place, which we will mention in the next section.  What is important to remember is that during the arrest, you should remain calm and keep a level head so that you can be there for your friend when they need you, not behind bars with them.

How You Can Ease the Situation

Take a Deep Breath

You have to let an officer do their job. Getting upset and losing control of your emotions can oftentimes make matters worse. Remaining calm is important in order to get a handle on the situation. We touched on this earlier, but remaining calm will ensure that you don’t end up sitting beside them in the back of that police car. Again, you can’t be of much help if you are under arrest yourself.

Accept Their Call

If your friend chooses to call you, ask them if they know of good bail bondsmen and lawyer. If they don’t at the time, you may have to do some research and make more phone calls in order to help. You might end up paying for your friend’s bail, but know that getting them out of jail soon after their arrest is the best thing for them if you’re able to afford it. This is where a Bail Bonds Service such as ours can make a huge difference. We can ensure that you have gotten the best possible service at our location, and hope that you take this into account if the unfortunate situation does arise.

Support Them Through The Process

After everything, they are still your friend and they’ve most likely been through quite a bit in the last couple days. Talk to them and make sure they’re feeling okay. After that, support them in their endeavors as they meet with lawyers and away upcoming court appearances. Although you may not need to be there physically, make sure you communicate your support for them.