True Valentine’s Day Crimes That Are So Ridiculous You Won’t Believe It

While committing a crime on a holiday about love sounds a bit odd, it’s not too surprising when you consider that Valentine’s Day actually originated from a crime. In A.D. 270, Roman Emperor Claudius II decided to outlaw young men from marrying because he believed single men made better warriors; however, Saint Valentine (or Valentinus) went against the demands and married people anyway. His crime, unfortunately, lead to his beheading. While the following crimes did not result in as serious consequences, they did still receive punishment––aka jail time.

No Valentine’s Day Gift, No Love

While Valentine’s Day is about love and giving gifts, that doesn’t mean you necessarily have to give your loved one something. There could be different circumstances for this reasoning, but typically your partner will understand if they don’t receive a gift. If anything, they would be disappointed, but for one lady in Cincinnati, she really took it to heart. In fact, after getting into a heated argument with her boyfriend about him not buying her a gift for the holiday, it took a dangerous turn when she began to fight him. Her boyfriend tried to escape by hiding in the bedroom; however, she tried to cut the door down to get to him. Luckily the cops were able to intervene and now the woman is serving time in jail.

Intoxication and Roses

While the man mentioned above made no effort to get his girlfriend a gift, a man in Ireland who was under the influence probably made too much effort when he stole roses for his girlfriend for Valentine’s Day. Although it was sweet that he wanted to get his girlfriend a nice gift, the way he approached the situation was not executed well. Especially since he stole other items including a cashmere throw and backpack. He did not get away with his actions and instead was soon arrested and charged for theft along with public intoxication.

Sweetheart Robbers

It’s no secret that young love is sweet, but at the same time, you can be so absorbed in each other that you sometimes make foolish decisions. This is definitely the case for two lovestruck teens in China who attempted to rob a jewelry store on Valentine’s Day but made a grave mistake when they paused to celebrate with a kiss. This wouldn’t be such a major issue if the kiss wasn’t in front of the store’s surveillance camera. The footage of the two sweethearts helped the police track down and arrest the thieves who probably regret their passionate moment.

Til Crime Do Us Part

Valentine’s Day is all about celebrating love and spending time with your significant other. For many, they see this as the perfect day to solidify their relationship by getting engaged. Unfortunately, engagement rings are not very cheap, which was a major setback for a man in Illinois. To counter this, he decided to rob a bank on Valentine’s Day with an airsoft gun where his girlfriend worked at, hoping to use the money to buy her the perfect ring. The girlfriend was completely unaware of the entire incident and actually went with her probably ex-boyfriend to turn himself into the police.

While love can sometimes make us do crazy things, don’t commit a crime for the sake of it. If you do, however, get caught in a tough situation, make sure to give us a call so we can help.